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Find me at http://www.a-g-o.weebly.com/ where you will see some items I haven't pictured anywhere else and you can name your price for items there and if you want to make me "a good offer" for anything else of mine anywhere on the web or in my shop, you can do so by contacting me at fb, flickr, eBay, etsy, my email, phone, etc. I have mostly been selling clothing at eBay last year but also some other stuff like maps, collectibles, etc in a general clear out prior to trying to sell the house and move less "stuff". Not enough paintings to display for 2012 but 2 new grandkids born and lots of family time pics shared at some of my online sites. LEt me know if you miss monthly updates here and I will try once again to add them on my newer computer, newer less understood connections. I have lots of great apron memories so on 11/27/13, I will be wearing an apron. See what that's all about :>) Apron Memories: Tie One On - An Apron Of Course ! I'm also working on a new photo book with all of my 200+ paintings in it - maybe I'll share it someplace online or you can ask to see it in person!

Yay! I have painted 20 new paintings for 2011, find them under "Cloth Paintings" : "Primeval Guardians", "Half Spectrum", "Tropical Botanicals", "Purple Cascade", "Abstract Greenery", "In My Veins", "Luscious Leaf", "Twin Lobes", "Negative Space Jungle", "Negative Space Sparkle", "Pink Edges", "Blue Brown Web", "Hot Cool Palette", "Fiery Changes", "Holey Leaf", "Colorful Fan", "Hobble Branch", "Light Palette", "Bold Lines" & the last one "Leaf Abstraction" - all in a series of a NH plant known as Hobblebush. Check them out!!

I updated my journal in 9/11 with a photo of the newest postcard I had made up for an upcoming Nov. show at New To You Gallery. I also talk about other shows of 2011 including the fall "Tomorrow's Masterpieces" at the Hopkinton Historical Society in Hopkinton. Other entries about our travels, Dad's memorial service, spring, some news of M & M's wedding & shower, what I was up to in 2007 - 2009, our UK trip & my big 5-0 birthday! I've also been "blogging" about our 2006 English wedding trip and my fall schedule, Thanksgivings etc. in 36 entries & a photo at catchesthelight.livejournal.com/

I have several paintings, jewelry and clothing items at both the Bikram Yoga Studio, Concord and of course my half glass case at Concord Antique Gallery. I met a new kindred spirit artist Melissa; see her website link below.

I updated the picture of our house, my shop at my Bio since we had it sided in a completely different color and material. I'm at Facebook under "Bev Norton" for my personal home http://www.facebook.com/bevnorton.catchesthelight & I have a business page under "BEVNorton" "catchesthelight" "BEAD MINE" http://www.facebook.com/bevnorton.art where I have a new SHOP (catchesthelight) NEW NECKLACE EARRING SETS there, "up-cycled" clothing items (recycled + a handmade touch) also now at https://www.facebook.com/shop.catchesthelight. Way below are #47 & #48 from Dec 2010 of my Abstract Art offerrings - (the first series of 48 - are complete). The second series for 2010 is a little less abstract with combinations of organic & inorganic existing side by side in nature. See what Rob & I share: http://robsbevsrecentphotography.shutterfly.com/

Check out some other of our photo sharing at links below. I will get back to keeping my homepage up to date on what my glass 1/2 case (on right upon entering Storrs St. , 5th case, 4 shelves, 3rd from top, 2nd from bottom is my 1) at Concord Antique Gallery looks like eventually. Anyone interested in old buttons or items made from buttons should check out my display and many others at the Gallery!

Check out one of my new NH artist friend's website here: http://www.MelissaMellor.com/ Melissa sells Discovery Toys like I used to but she is a charitable textile artist as well creating some great custom aprons, books, totes, hair baubles and more. Check out another of my Christian artist friend's NH website here: http://www.davinadawnsewing.com/ Laura does alterations including bridal & formal gowns, mending, re-fashioning, custom children's clothing, custom doll clothing (including miniature replicas), sewing lessons, consultations, home decor & other sewing requests. She keeps doll clothes, accessories, infant blankets & quilts, totes, gift items and therapy rice bags on hand as gifts. We've known each other for some years and are finally reciprocating with links to each other's websites :>) Check out my Christian artist friend's NH website here: http://www.appleofmyeyedesigns.com/ Natazche has a vivacious character and a heart growing as big as her grandmother's who inspired her :>) She is also selling great tea leaf blends. Another NH artist I happened upon who's work I like and bought some of is: http://www.fullcirclequirk.weebly.com/

I painted eight paintings for 2009. "Much HGTV Blues" & its companion piece "Two Much HGTV Blues" are interesting if you are into blue colors in your home decor. You might want to consider these abstract bottle paintings since the price for the 2 is economically priced at $60, less than the $75 for both when sold separately.

My presence at eBay and some auctions - About Me/ About the Seller my biography page at eBay .

I now have an acct. at Art Fire & my Etsy Store (CLICK)BEVNorton.etsy.com I sure do need to downsize; let me know if you are local and want to see any fabrics in person & not pay shipping!

I'm trying to help African women come out of poverty "one bead at a time" and now will carry necklaces I made out of their handmade paper beads HERE at my "Accessories" page with my other jewelry.

Now that I finally have broadband for myself I can see this growing link of mine which has a slideshow of the 20 of my latest flickr photos and all my abstract art & What's Different from anywhere else as well: http://www.catchesthelight.blogspot.com/ and Kaza has a blogspot as well: http://www.kazashop.blogspot.com/ And another new webpage with a few of my photos - http://nortonsnewyorkcitytrip.shutterfly.com/ , http://beads333catchesthelight.shutterfly.com/ and one Rob & I share: http://robsbevsrecentphotography.shutterfly.com/ and here: http://bevnortoncatchesthelight.shutterfly.com/

These links are my own personal ones and therefore safe. I'm most excited about this flickr account (Updated every few days!!) because it is my personal digital photos that I'm having so much fun playing with these days; see over 6000 photos (including some Arizona, spring, NYC & videos) at - http://www.flickr.com/photos/catchesthelight/ I used 210 digital images of our UK trip in 2007 and shared them in a set at this flickr account. For Maire's & Michael's shower & 12/29 wedding photos go to - http://www.flickr.com/groups/mairemichaelwedding/ or http://www.flickr.com/photos/26153156@N00/ where I've also revisiting our family's 2006 UK trip with some of Julie's photos edited by me. You can also "comment" on any photos at flickr so I can hear from you what you think.

**** Don't forget I also have gift bags for $1.00 each at Other Gifts.

My 2010 LIMITED (100) DIGITAL ART PRINT SERIES will be available for viewing here Abstract Art below are #47 & #48 from Dec. My Abstract Art offerrings - the first series of 48 - are complete. The second series for 2010 will be a little less abstract with combinations of organic & inorganic existing side by side in nature.

See Luke's & Kate's wedding photos here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/katelukewedding/

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