One-of-a-kind, iridescent, mixed media crafts combining textiles, paint, pottery (mostly Raku), glass beads, metals, and natural materials to make design-oriented wall or wearable art.
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New (Safe) LINKS here: & ... so check back often and tell your friends! I will be wearing an apron 11/27/13 Apron Memories: Tie One On - An Apron Of Course !

Updated 11/20/13

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Welcome to Catches the Light, aka BEAD MINE. BEAD MINE in central New Hampshire has been in existence since May 2001 but since childhood I have been interested in some of the same arts and crafts. Only since my children have developed their own creative interests and artistic skills, have I felt more free to explore my own. This website has become a gallery for my work (as well as my home and great room with cathedral ceiling).

Look to the left and you'll see some of the themes from my shop. Each one takes you to a place where you can look at my work ranging from painting to pottery. If you're interested in making any purchases or use of my skills, please also visit my "Ordering" page.

I hope to continue a Christian artist's lifestyle in service to you and if my parents ever need a place to live, my time will remain flexible for them or other family members that need me. God has gifted me so. So God bless you too and please tell your friends about me. Call for an appointment if you're in the neighborhood - (603) 796-2459.